Cost Plus Program

Designer Cost Plus Program


The Cost Plus Program allows the design professional to benefit from a higher income opportunity than the traditional referral commission paid on most add-on treatment services. When billed through your cost to client billing you retain 20% of the treatment cost as opposed to a 10% referral commission.

  1. Utilizing the provided materials (Web-Site, Brochure) explain the many benefits the treatment will provide to your products.

  2. Use the price sheet to quote the treatment as part of your product cost or service provided cost. Remember, the pricing chart you will be using is exactly the same one used by us. Your client will not pay more for going through you for this valuable service.

  3. Call us to set up an appointment to apply treatment to product. This is done at our facility.   sometimes it can be completed in the field.  We do have reps throughout the country.

  4. Become a "Trades Member"

  5. We have an online booking tab which can speed up the ordering process.

  6. You still earn a 10% commission on if you refer a client or designer over to us.

  7. Just let me say "THANK YOU" now.  Without you, we are not who we are.


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