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Fabric and upholstery protector helps repel soil, liquids and can blocks stains. Fabric protection can prevent spills staining fabric so stains will release from the fibers. It won't change the look, feel, or breath-ability of fabrics, and is safe to use on delicate and dry clean only fabrics such as silks and wools. Our top of the line protector will out perform all others on all natural fabrics including VISCOSE, ART SILK, RAYON and ALL THOSE TRICKY NAME GAMES.  

Green Carpet Protectors | Green Rug Protectors | Green Fabric Upholstery Protectors

You may have many questions when looking for an Eco-Friendly fabric protector.  What fabric protector do I use?  Is there a green scotchgard type protector for high-end fabrics and rugs?  Is there any written proof to back up the claims of a Eco-Friendly green ​type fabric protector?  Well, yes there is!  Please look at our proof!

New Dimension Eco-Fabric Protection has been helping designers protect fine fabrics around the world.

​You can ship your fabrics and rugs to our facility!

We have been providing quality ​fabric protection for fine fabrics, specialty broadloom carpet & oriental rug​s​ since 1992. We are a small business delivering honest and professional carpet, rug and fabric ​protection services including ​special fabric protection on viscose fibers. ​We even have an IICRC Master Cleaner on staff to answer any of your carpet cleaning or fabric protection questions.

Why Us?

We have years of experience working on carpets, rugs and fine furniture fabrics. We can work with you to find cost-effective refresh, restore or maintenance alternatives.  Our knowledgeable staff is always here to answer your questions about fiber clean-ability, wear-ability and any fabric protection questions. 

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What Our Customers Say

“It's So Easy!”

“It's so easy!  I just fill out the forms and ship the fabric.  They take care of the rest"  Katie C.

“​​Made Me Look Great By Preventing A Viscose Disaster”

“My client had a bad water marks on their viscose dining room chairs and Tony's crew was able to clean and groom them out.  Then they protected the fabric.  I should have protected the fabric first”  Tom B.

Furnishings whether they are carpets, curtains or sofa fabrics are very prone to getting dirty and stained. The problem becomes even more pronounced with homes with young children, elderly people or pets. Liquids such as beverages and drinks, blood, urine etc. spilled onto furnishings can be extremely difficult to clean completely and even more so after it has dried.  Gritty soil can cause damage and premature wear on your carpet, rug and fine fabrics.

Conventional fabric cleaners use chemicals that can damage the fabric and weaken it so that it is more prone to ripping, fading or discoloration. They also give off strong smells which can trigger allergic attacks in people and pets. Conventional fabric cleaners also require that the surface or room remain unused for a period of time, till the harmful effects have worn off.

This is where Eco-Fabric Protection makes such a big and positive difference. It protects furnishings from wear and tear and makes cleaning very easy and effective. Any fabric, even the finest silks can be safely protected with choice of different fabric protectors.  Our Protector will out perform water base Scotchgard protectors.  Just wait and see the difference.

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